Monday, June 26, 2006

Colorado Pics

To view pictures from our Colorado vacation click here. (I hope this works!)

Addendum: Oops, they were uploaded out of order. For the most part, they're backwards - from the end of the trip to the beginning. Sorry I don't have any from the conference.


Anonymous said...

It worked great!! The veiws are beautiful, but the kids are remarkable. What a blessed women you are!! Chrissy

Anonymous said...

I love Colorado. You did such a great job of capturing the heights, I was actually dizzy!

What do you mean, you didn't have time to take a multitude of photos at the homeschool conference? Ha!

Looks like you had some nice weather.

Maureen said...

The weather was crazy. Lovely and warm during the day and ice cold at night. Actually got down in the 30's one night. Thank goodness we brought wool blankets on top of the sleeping bags. It's very dry in Colorado too. So different from Missouri where you walk out the door and gget mugged by the air.

Anonymous said...

We live about a mile from Garden of the Gods. Looking at your pictures made me want to head down to Gunnison again - haven't been there in a few years. We are heading up to Estes Park on Sunday for a week. Are you jealous? (Just kidding!) Both hubby and I grew up in St. Louis, so we're very familiar with muggy humidity and the drastic change to the dryness of Colorado! God bless, Barb