Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Catholic Heritage Curricula: Language of God

Also on my order to CHC was Language of God for Little Folks by Nancy Nicholson. Mrs. Nicholson also wrote My Catholic Speller. I own tons of her titles and love them all.

Little Stories for Little Folks were a God-send 10 years ago when I was teaching my dyslexic child. You get 45 - 8 1/2 by 11 sheets made to be folded into little booklets. Kind of like inexpensive Bob Books. At that time, I needed lots of simple readers for practice. Today, I'm still using them with my non-dyslexic children. I let them color the booklets once they master each one. It makes for a nice reward. Except for the booklet about the rat, my kids love them.

Catholic Stories from Science 2 makes a nice read-aloud for my grade-school and preschool children. Very cute and gives us lots to talk about. And, like all of CHC and Nancy Nicholson's products, very Catholic.

The Language of God Grammar Series is very nice too and recommended to me by my friend Nancy Brown. They're consumable workbooks that weave our Catholic faith into the grammar lessons. They're pretty user-friendly and so far I find them to be thorough.

I look forward to Mrs. Nicholson's future titles!

(I have to admit here that I've never been a big fan of workbooks, but have come to rely on them more heavily lately as I'm teaching 7 different grade levels. And the kids ask for them! However, I am very picky about which workbooks I use and make sure to work them alongside the children engaging them in conversation. And, of course, our main curriculum remains Real Books.)


Amy said...

I absolutely love CHC! they have such wonderful things. I am sure you will love them!

Anonymous said...


Paula set up and tended the CHC table at the Dayton Conference. Did you come to our table? Perhaps you stopped by, but we didn't recognize you, I'm sorry. Our daughter participated in the Teen Talks Friday night, and she brought home a page from your talk. I was floored! I am currently job searching and this page was questions to ask and not to ask at a job interview. The Lord speaks to us in many ways.

Paula and Rick Wiseman

Maureen said...

Hi Rick -- I have my free shipping coupon from Dayton and ready to place another order -- thanks!

The bulk of that talk is in The Catholic Homeschool Companion. If you own it check the High School chapter for Job Search Skills for Teens and Graduates. You may find it helpful.

Carletta said...

Hi Maureen,

I have a website for homeschoolers that contains over 400 homeschool curriculum reviews. I have a category for catholic curricula that does not have many reviews, and I am especially looking for reviews of CHC.

This month I am hosting a free book drawing for those who submit reviews, if you would be interested in reviewing CHC.

Here is the link where you can find information about the contest here: