Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Homeschooling Architecture - Help

I have a 13-year old son who wants to be an architect. With five years until high school graduation, his mind could change before college. However, this has been on his heart for quite a while now and I'd like to help him along in discovering all things architecture.

My first inclination was to pull out my copy of Nancy Nicholson's High School of Your Dreams from Catholic Heritage Curricula. My guess is that this subject is well covered in there. Unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere. I don't know if it got lost in the move or if I lent it out. (I do have a bad habit of lending out my favorite stuff and then forgetting who I lent it to.)

So, until my copy (hopefully) shows up, does anyone have ideas for me? Tips? Advice? Favorite resources? I'd love any input!


Anonymous said...

I think Google has free 3D/architect software that he might enjoy. My stepson works in the field - I'll ask him for reccomendations.

Renee said...

How about Rainbow Resource and put "architecture" in their search engine?

Anonymous said...

There are some free architecture courses at:


Melinda said...

Based on what my son is studying in college in his Architecture curriculum, your son should draw, draw, draw, in many different mediums, study histories of art and ancient cultures, make models of buildings from different periods and write essays on them from different points of view, solve design problems (re-model existing buildings and structures with his own ideas for improvement) for different building types, i.e. schools, libraries, skating rinks, etc., using visual presentation to explain his ideas, submit designs for landscaping in drawn format,
sculpt in different mediums, get tech savvy (my son uses Photo Shop for almost all his presentations) becoming familiar with drafting programs like AutoCad, and continue with his math and science courses all 4 years of high school.
In a nutshell, visual creation and presentation should become second nature to him, along with the ability to verbally explain his ideas. A public speaking course would be a help, also.

CatherineNY said...

Here's a fun architectural resource -- a virtual tour of St. Paul's-Outside-the-Walls, which my Alma Mater, Villanova, produced for the Vatican website:

Anonymous said...

Check out Notre Dame's 'Architecture Discovery Days'. The link is http://architecture.nd.edu/academic_programs/discover.shtml. It's geared for high school students wanting to explore architecture as a possible major. I am certain you would have a good feel for the program after the completion of the summer one.

Also, here is a link for other schools' 2009 summer architecture programs in case you want to look at those too:


Maureen said...

Wow! Thank you everyone for the input!

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Great tips! Love the ideas! I also have a son who wants to major in Arquitecture. I looked on Amazon for some well-regarded architecture books and secured a bunch via inter library loan for his summer reading.

Amelia said...

I've a degree in Architecture, but decided not to pursue my profession, but my vocation as Catholic Homeschooling Mom to 8. We're in VA. I've been teaching Intro to Architecture 1, 2 and Competition levels to homeschoolers in the area. I'm currently working on a virtual/online course and book that I am hoping to publish by July. If he/they can take pictures of their work and email it to me.. then they can take this online course. I've had great feedback. Almost every child I've had the pleasure of teaching has come back for a second quarter. It is a loaded class with a lot of work, but so worth it for kids interested in Architecture. As I am just getting it off the ground (although the 1st nine weeks is very close to publishable book form).. if any of you are interested in helping me work out the kinks and can be patient as I get the website going, I've a boy from KY starting the virtual course next week. It might be nice to try an online group. You can email me for a syllabus and more information. It is a super way to keep busy over the summer! If they are really interested in pursuing Architecture in college, I can keep them going after the two classes that I've already put together. I wasn't totally prepared for my college Architecture classes, so I am very aware of what is helpful to have ahead of time. I'm also happy to help them work to get things like a portfolio ready so that they can get AP credit for art, something which will certainly help their college resumes. I hope this helps!!

Amelia said...

Hi Moms! i finished it! Check out www.homeschoolarchitecture.com . The course is good to go! Smiles,Amy

Allison Drinkwater JOhnson said...

It's a bit late for this thread, but I just started a free online architecture course for ages 10-110. It is appropriate for those contemplating entering the field, but also for everyone who lives and works in the built environment.
allison drinkwater johnson