Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hillside Education and Helping Those in Need

A while back, Margot Davidson of Hillside Education started a special page at her website to help homeschooling families in financial crisis. This month her Helping Those in Need page is focusing on Regina Doman's family. If you'd like to find some good buys and help a struggling family at the same time please pay a visit. Look for the links that say Handmade Items, Books Used, Books new, etc. (I'm leaning toward the rosary roses and crocheted hats myself!)

Homeschool Connections is taking part too. We will donate 50% of all live courses and $30 for every subscription (recorded courses). Just drop us an email at homeschoolconnections@gmail.com to let us know to credit your enrollment or subscription to Regina and her family.

Thank you Margot for organizing this effort!

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