Monday, May 14, 2012

Living the Country Life and Water Filtration

One negative since we've moved to the country is that our well water is less than good. Far less than good. We had the water tested when we had the house inspected and were told that it's drinkable, but looking at my orange tub I don't agree. So, we drink bottled water.

I've been thinking about buying a Berkey system. My girlfriend Lynette raves about hers and my kids swear that her water is delicious. I've never heard water described as delicious. Yet I hesitate. Mainly because we use a softener and the Berkey apparently doesn't like salt. We could fill it from the outside hose, but what a pain.

So, I continue to debate, especially since we're about to start a kitchen remodel (demo guys are coming today!). In the meantime, there's a contest: Free Berkey Giveaway. I'd love to win and then the debate will be over.

However, on the off chance that I lose, I'd love any words of wisdom on drinkable water or your experience with the Berkey.


Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

I don't have experience, but my cousin has a well in the country and her water is as you describe. They use a Berkey. She uses it all the time, and likes it, except that she thinks the water tastes a bit off. She drinks the water only if it's really cold. If it's room temperature she thinks it doesn't taste good.

Renee said...

Is the problem the water or the pipes it's coming through?
Our water in Seoul was orange - it's the only place we've lived that I bought bottled water for drinking/cooking

Groundwater Testing said...

I also never heard water described as delicious, But I think people who are used to drink impure water when experience pure water will considered it as delicious water.

Yvonne said...

While living in Peru we used two full filtration systems. I also had a water distiller. The water was at least cleansed of the bad buggies. Perhaps you might want to investigate the ultraviolet water sanitizers as well as filtration.

We absolutely had to have the filtered water in Peru. And it was a huge pain to maintain, but it was that or recurring dysentery!

Good luck with your decision.

Anonymous said...

Hey Maureen,

There's a few questions I've been meaning to ask you after reading one of your blogs titled No Questions Left Behind. The reason why I'm asking you through here is because I wasnt able to get a hold of you there.

Why do Catholics pray to Mother Mary yet other Christians dont? What exactly is the importance of praying to Mother Mary? Why dont we pray to God Himself?



Maureen said...

Hi Millie. We do pray to God Himself. We ask Mary to pray for us just as we ask our other friends and family to pray for us. Go here for more details,

Ursula said...

Is your kitchen all done yet?

By now I hope your general contractor or plumber has let you know that you can run a separate, untreated water line into your kitchen (it bypasses the softener).

We had one in Indiana; they were common because our water utility provided well water, and it was limestone country. We had a thin, gooseneck-y spigot mounted on the sink to the right of the main kitchen faucet for those who don't like to drink softened water.

Remodeling here too...phase 2 will be the kitchen if I survive phase 1 happening now!

Anonymous said...

We live on well water; it is awesome (from an aquafir). However, in some areas, there is more mineral/metal in the water. Is the softener necessary? That way you could enjoy the berkey? We bought a Berkey but don't plan on using it unless something happens and we need filtered water. I would look into a whole house filtration system. Keep up the blogging...

Cathy said...


I was interested in what you found out about the water filtration system. I am planning a move out of the cities in the spring and we will have a home with a well and septic. Wondering what you have found out about taste, cost etc.. as that is something I will have to learn about in the near future. Thank you. Cathy