Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why Did the Homeschooler Cross the Road?

The blogthing has gone to my head and I'm working on a comedy routine with another homeschooler. For real!

So, if you were a comedy writer, how would you finish this joke:

Why did the homeschooler cross the road?


Catherine said...


Michael A. said...

If I were a comedy writer I wouldn't be starting a joke with "Why did the ________ cross the road?" ;-)

Anonymous said...

To get away from the ACLU!


Anonymous said...

To go to the potluck?
To buy a denim jumper?
To go to co-op?

Karen E. said...

So that she could later ask her children to narrate the road-crossing, act out the road-crossing, write a letter to Grandma describing the road-crossing, look up recipes that incorporate road-crossing, and, if there's time on Friday, make a lapbook about road-crossing.

Maureen Wittmann said...


Karen E. said...

Oops ... I forgot to add, "And so that she could go to the library to check out as many books on road-crossing as she could find." (And then suggest to her librarian that she purchase them.) ;-)

Dr. Thursday said...

Hmm... To catch the chicken?

No, actually, the CORRECT answer (there is only one) is:

Q: Why did the Home-schooler cross the road?
A: To get to the other side.

Actually, this is a VERY important form of joke. When I have a chance I will post something about it.

Of course you probably know that for the "chicken" form of this joke, there is also a sequel:

Q: What was on the other side?
A: She heard that some men were laying a sidewalk and she wanted to see how it was done.

Hee hee.

MisterB said...

Obviously, the answer is: To spend more time with another homeschooler! Happy Easter!