Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Amy Welborn Comes to Lansing

Teen son and I attended a talk by Amy Welborn on Sunday. The topic was, of course, The Da Vinci Code. I have to say that Amy is an outstanding speaker. Invite her to your city! I felt that I left her talk armed and ready to fight the good fight. I've read Amy's books, but hearing her speak really made me feel prepared for when all the DVC hoopla starts up again upon the movie's release.

Teen son loved the talk and really felt that he got a lot out of it. It seems so important to me that we get this message out to teens and young-twenty somethings more than any other group.

Thank you Amy for coming to Lansing!!


Angie Mc said...

Hi Maureen, I'm finally getting organized to read blogs and found yours to be helpful and lovely. Thanks!

I agree that teens are an important target group and have found my teen to be VERY interested in this subject. Just in case this hasn't crossed your path, here's a link to a Teacher's Guide to discuss DVC with teens,

Da Vinci Outreach Teachers Resource Guide

Maureen said...

Thank you Angie!!!