Saturday, September 23, 2006

St. Catherine Catholic Lending Library

There's a new Yahoo Group in town. This looks like a cool one. Here is the description from the group's home:

Do you love reading edifying Catholic literature and history? Does your public library suffer from a deficiency in solid Catholic books? Is your budget such that you can't purchase all of the Catholic books and resources you'd like? Do you wish there were a Catholic lending library at hand to fill the gap?

This purpose of this email group is to connect Catholics who own good Catholic books with others who would like to read them. Once your membership is accepted, you will be invited to post any books you wish to share in the database section. Browse around at what others are offering.

When a borrower sees a book they would like, they email the lender and request it. The lender and borrower work out the loan period between them. The lender mails the book to the borrower via Media Mail at the lender's expense. The borrower enjoys the book, then returns it to the lender via Media Mail at the borrower's expense.

Because of the expense of international mail, we are limiting ourselves to US residents only (or those with military addresses capable of receiving Media Mail.) Please feel free to start a similar group for your own country if you are so inspired!

St. Catherine of Alexandria is a Catholic saint and patroness of libraries and librarians. We put this cooperative enterprise under her protection.

This group is not meant to be a discussion or prayer list. All members and all posts to the group will be moderated.

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