Thursday, December 14, 2006

Remember That Time When You and Me . . .

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of this blog.

In honor of this momentus occasion, I borrowed a meme from Darwin Catholic.

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL MEMORY OF YOU AND ME.

It can be anything you want--good or bad--BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

When you're finished, post this paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON'T ACTUALLY remember about you.


Nancy C. Brown said...

HI Maureen!
Happy Anniversary!
Remember that time, about six months ago, when we decided to get more attention on our blogs? How we made that video for U-tube and we opened that bottle of Claret and started singing? Wow, didn't we have fun? And then, I can't mention it, it's too much! We, well, remember how we couldn't get the family rating anymore for our video?! Too funny! And all we were doing was reading, I can't imagine WHAT they found distasteful in that, except that we had gotten a little bit silly. You were reading from that book you never published, and I can't exactly remember, but I think I was trying to make up a song that went with it. I guess we got a little carried away with the ad libbing and spontaneous song writing...a skill as I recall, neither of us really knew we had before that episode, but BOY were we GOOD!! Well, we certainly had fun. I should try to look that video up and see if it's still there. Let's do that again sometime, hey?

Maureen said...

Girlfriend, I'm telling you! I get one glass of wine in me and I'm just silly! Oh, I hope that video is long gone -- my reputation can't take another hit! You think I should rework that book and look for a publisher? Maybe DC Comics would be interested?

Anyway, thanks for the memory Nanc -- it's great having friends like you who love me even at my silliest!


Renee said...

Hey Maureen,
Remember that time we got my five kids and your kids together for that field trip. It was such fun to see how toilets are made in the factory. And then remember how my youngest decided to try one out?... gotta teach that boy some modesty. And then your youngest got sick; thank heavens there was a potty so nearby. Now if only we could have afforded that automatic toilet bowl cleaner... what I wouldn't do to not have to scrub the inside nor the outside of a toilet.
hmmmmm??? I think we decided the field trip should count for science.

Maureen said...

Renee, I laugh everytime I think about it!!! And trust me, I found a way to log that field trip. Gosh, I log toothbrushing -- health science!

Anonymous said...

Remember when we were in 7th grade, and we were sitting with Katie Stempson at lunch, and I had that great big piece of broccoli stuck in my braces, and neither one of you told me, and you even let me smile at that boy, Dennis, from our math class, and then I didn't speak to you for a week? Remember when I finally forgave you? It was when you came to my house with a broccoli floret dangling from your ear. Then I knew we'd always be friends, because you knew how to make me laugh.

Ahhh, junior high ... those were the days.

Maureen said...


You know how Katie and Dennis ended up married, right? Well, I just read a note in the latest alumni newspaper about how Dennis just got sent up the river for tax evasion.

Remember how Katie was bragging at the reunion about how Dennis was the richest dentist around. Yeah, now we all know why!

Gosh, as sorry as I am about the brocolli thing -- I'm so glad it happened. Just think, you could have been the one married to Dennis the evil dentist! Whoda ever thunk such a cute guy could turn out so bad!

And thanks for getting me through math class. Girl, where would I have been without your tutoring!!!!

Karen Edmisten said...

Tax evasion?? No WAY!