Thursday, May 17, 2007

CE: Are You a Good Candidate for Homeschooling?

The weekly column is up at Catholic Exchange: Are You a Good Candidate for Homeschooling?
I am often asked what qualifications are necessary in order to homeschool. In my opinion there is only one qualification: the burning desire to take complete responsibility for your child's education.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to knowing 8 Random Facts About You.

Crimson Wife said...

Great article!

I've got a child with special academic needs (very uneven abilities ranging from somewhat behind to very advanced) and it does take an enormous amount of energy and patience to teach her. But that's *exactly* why I feel she is best educated at home because I'm motivated like no school employee would be. This is my child not just 1 student out of hundreds that a traditional schoolteacher will interact with over his/her career.

Simple Faith and Life said...

Great article, as usual, Maureen. For those who read comments, I wanted to say that what you said about a parent with only a high school education is so true. Our four kids who are old enough to have graduated have been accepted into college (with above average ACT or SAT test scores), even though I myself never went to college and I was their primary educator throughout their schooling years. Not to blow my own horn, but to say that other mothers could do this too.