Thursday, June 07, 2007

PopeStNick5: The Resilient Church

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Title: The Resilient Church: The Glory, the Shame, and the Hope for Tomorrow
Author: Mike Aquilina
Publisher: Word Among Us Press
Date Published: May 2007
ISBN: 1593251041
Price: $11.95 Paperback
Comments: A collection of historical sketches on the Catholic Church.
Endorsements at Mike's blog and a review from his Grail Code co-author.
From the publisher:
Beginning with the earliest martyrs and ending with the twentieth century, The Resilient Church offers a fascinating look at the trials and triumphs of the Catholic Church over the past two thousand years. Fast-paced sketches of critical periods in church history give readers perspective on the challenges faced by the church today. Short selections in each chapter highlight some of the great heroes who influenced the course of history.

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