Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Home From New Jersey Safe and Sound

The New Jersey conference was wonderful. Even though I'm entering my fifteenth year of officially homeschooling (unofficially, my twentieth year since I figure I've been homeschooling since my first born left the womb) I still need that shot in the arm that you get from conferences. Just being in the same room with hundreds of Catholic homeschoolers gives me the reassurance I need to get through the next year.

Of course, I got to meet and chat with Danielle Bean, Susie Lloyd, Margot Davidson, and Rachel Watkins which was awesome. The Catholic homeschooling community is blessed with so many faithful and dedicated women that it really warms my soul, as well as humbles me. I heard that Danielle's talk was fabulous. I just went to the CHAPLET website to order her tape but I don't see them there for sale yet. I'll email the conference organizers for ordering information and let you all know how to do that. It's nice to have a few conference tapes in the car when you need a shot in the arm.

Also fun was meeting a few blog readers and webinar attendees (Hi Noelle!). It's neat to be able put names with faces. The biggest surprise was getting to visit with my friend MacBeth Derham. I had mentioned to MacBeth that I'd be at the conference but I didn't really expect her to come all the way from New York! It took me a minute or two to realize who she was as she stood there in front of my table. It was so unexpected.

The best may have been hanging out with my dear, old friend Monica. Old as in we've been friends for 13 years. Not old as in our age -- we're still very young. Well, at heart anyway. It was great to meet Monica's family for the first time as well as her menagerie of animals, including the indoor chicken. Though, somehow, I didn't get to meet the pet rats. What a shame.

Monica and I decided that CHAPLET should invite me back next year so I can fly in a few days early and I can see the sites. I have to go back at least so I can get my picture next to the Liberty Bell and eat real Philadelphia cheesesteak . . . and meet the pet rats. (Though the conference is in NJ, I flew into Philly.)

The only bad thing is that there just is never enough time to visit with all these great homeschoolers and friends. Well, there is one other bad thing -- one of the little people who live in my house misplaced my camera the day I left for the conference so I have no pictures to share with you. So, I guess I really do have to do this all over again next year!

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