Monday, June 15, 2009

Catholic Homeschooling Conference: Pennsylvania

There are just so many great Catholic homeschooling conferences that it boggles the mind. I wish I could get to them all.

The Family Centered Learning Conference is one that is sure to be great. Two of my favorite people will be speaking there -- Rachel Watkins and MacBeth Derham. Rachel is just so much fun and MacBeth is nothing short of way-too cool! Of course, both wrote for The Catholic Homeschool Companion (only the coolest homeschoolers wrote for The Companion).

If you've ever wanted to visit beautiful Lancaster County, PA then get your camper packed up and ready to go for July 25, 2009.

And, to make it totally the coolest, it's cheap and there's a potluck picnic the night before.

So head over to Family Centered Learning right now get yourself registered!

(Special thank you to Michele Quigley for making this conference happen every year!)

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