Friday, June 26, 2009

Save $30 Plus on High School

For those of you not on the Homeschool Connections email list, I thought you'd like to know that there is a $30 off coupon available to you, your friends, and your homeschool support group. It's only good until July 1, 2009, so you'll want to act fast. Here is the coupon code: mh22lw

In fact, there is a MacBeth class starting on Monday. It's only $60 for the class. With the coupon that makes it only $30. I guarantee you won't find a deal like this ever again -- a 4-week, Catholic Shakespeare course with a college professor who's taught at both Franciscan and Ava Maria!

Here's what the kids said about Dr. Russell's summer course (on Beowulf) that just ended:
"Thank you Dr. Russell!!!! I can't wait until next Monday for the MacBeth class!!!!"

"Dr. Russell had very interesting and insightful comments. I enjoyed the class very much."

"Excellent explanations and insights."

"I appreciate literature so much more now."
The students love these classes. So much so, that the students of the American government class started a Facebook fanpage for their instructor, Ed Rivet.

Here is a list of upcoming courses plus free webinars. (More fall classes to be scheduled within the week -- Theology, Anatomy, and Literature.)

Oh, one more thing. If you register early for fall classes you get a very nice discount.


Connie's Daughter said...

Isigned my son up for the Macbeth class the first week of june. Is there anyway to still use this coupon?

Maureen said...

Not to worry Connie's Daughter, we'll take good care of you. Please email me at mwittlans at aol dot com.