Thursday, July 16, 2009

EWTN Radio and Kids at Mass

I had an interview this morning with Brian Patrick on EWTN Radio. It was live in Cincinnati and recorded for the global audience later. I don't know yet when it will run, but I'll post it here when I find out.

The interview was based on an article I wrote for Catholic Exchange: Mass Control. It's a Top-10 list of ways to keep the kids not only under control during church time but helping them to learn to love the beauty of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

I originally wrote the article a good number of years ago and CE decided to rerun it this week. It's kind of funny for me to go back and read it as my family is at such a different stage now. I no longer have wee children. My youngest is 7, so visits to the cry room are no longer a necessity. In fact, it was really good for me to reread that article because I can now see the fruits of putting those 10 tips into practice over the past 2 decades. I can honestly say that I have children who are reverent at Mass and understand the liturgy. Though, trust me, there have been times when I wondered if this day would ever come.

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