Friday, July 17, 2009

Exciting Stuff at Homeschool Connections

Walter and I have been busy, busy. Walter got the brand new Homeschool Connections website up and running yesterday. It's still under construction but go check it out anyway and let me know what you think about the design. I'd love to hear your feedback. It looks a little bit like my Catholic Treasury website. Walter will have all the content loaded up within the week so you'll want to check back to see all the neat stuff Homeschool Connections has to offer, from free webinars to online classes.

Until then, I'd like to share the 2009 fall classes with you:
These are all high school classes. We have enlisted a middle school teacher who will offer classes for us in the spring and possibly late fall.

If you'd like to get on our newsletter instead of checking the website regularly, there is a sign up box in the top right hand corner of this blog. That will keep you up to date on free webinars, courses, and money-saving coupons. Between now and September, newsletters will go be going out every Monday. However, that will lighten up greatly once the fall semester starts.


Natalia said...

I was just looking at the upcoming courses on Homeschool Connections. They look great! I have a question though (or two): 1- I don't see the prices listed anywhere and 2- are the lectures available for listening later if the student can't be present at the exact time of the lecture? I am considering some of the courses for my 16 yo daughter but she might have some schedule conflicts.


Maureen said...

Hi Natalie!

The easiest thing (I think :-)) for you to do is go to There you'll see all the links to courses in one place and the price. You can click on the hyperlinks for more specific information or to register.

Note that the fees reflect early registration. They'll be going up in the near future. The dates are at the course description.

Also, if you read this very soon -- there is a coupon for $10 off that you can use through the end of tomorrow (feel free to share with friends). You can use this coupon on as many courses as you please with the exception of the Mom's Bible study.

The coupon code is c4w5b7

All courses are recorded and can be viewed for up to 180 days after the course ends and they can email the professor in between classes. Although it's much more fun to participate live. The webinar technology is very interactive and gives the students the opportunity to communicate with the professor and other students.

Don't hesitate to email me with questions and comments at mwittlans at aol dot com.

Maureen :)