Saturday, August 01, 2009

Need Advice for a Mom Pulling Kids Out of School

Dear Readers,

I received this email today:
I've been following some leads and landed on your blog, looking for an article or two with advice for new homeschoolers. A woman pulling her children out of school with 7th and 4th grades is in need of something to read...but doesn't have time to read books on the subject. She needs something condensed.
Do you have a talk script that she could read?

Thanks for the help!
God bless,

What advice would you offer?


Dawn said...

Not sure what she wants to read..but she can check out Seton's newsletters.They are very informative.

Anonymous said...

I find Karen Andreola's articles helpful at

And keep in mind, you don't have to start with a full load and when the schools start. Take a deep breath and enjoy looking at what philosophies appeal to you.

elizabeth said...

How awesome for her.

I know she stated she doesn't have "time" to read but perhaps she can skim through Elizabeth Foss's book "real learning".

I would suggest she be careful with overload of the information and curriculum that is out there. It can be overwhelming!

Suggest sites like 4real forum and real learning blog to get ideas. Most importantly though, start with focusing on her goals for the education of her children. Be patient w/ yourself and enjoy the ride. It will be awesome!!

Maureen said...

Catholic Exchange is re-running old articles of mine and I just came across this one that may be helpful. Look for more in the upcoming weeks.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to read then how about some tapes or CD's to play in the car? Google Catholic homeschool conference and then check their websites for recordings of their speakers.