Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You're Invited to a Party

I'm planning a book launch party this weekend at my parish. I'd love for all of you to join me in celebrating the release of For the Love of Literature. Yes, I know that you can't get to Michigan, but we can have a virtual party.

Several publishers have donated books to use as door prizes at both parties. Each day, for the next week, I'll feature a different book to give away to the blog-party attendees.

Here's how it will work. Send an email HERE with your name and mailing address. You have until 5:00 AM Eastern Time tomorrow. I'll then number the emails and pick a number out of a hat. (Similar to Cay Gibson's Book Walk.)

Today's giveaway is a biggie. I have five copies of Regina Doman's lovely children's book Angel in the Waters, published by Sophia Press. So, there will five winners today!

Angel in the Waters is one of the books mentioned in For the Love of Literature. It is a picture book for preschool to early grade school children. It tells the story of a baby in his mother's womb and his conversations with his guardian angel. Angel in the Waters is, in my opinion, a must have in every home. In fact, when it was first released, I bought it in bulk to give away as Christmas presents. It is a beautiful pro-life story.

I'd like to thank Sophia Institute Press for their generosity in donating the books. Sophia is the publisher of my homeschool book, The Catholic Homeschool Companion and I must say that they are delightful to work with. Plus, they publish so many great books. One thing that makes Sophia special is that they giveaway tons of books to prisoners and to priests. I love it!

I'll announce the winners tomorrow and have a new book to giveaway, so make sure to check back!
Addendum: The contest has been extended for at least a month. So, make sure to check the blog daily (except Sunday and holidays) to see what prize(s) is being given away that day.


Leticia said...

What a great idea, Maureen, I love your book,and my girls love "Angels in the Waters" so count me in!

Anonymous said...

I just gave away my copy of "Angels in the Waters" to a pregnant friend. I'd love the chance to replace it. :)

Kelly said...

I would love to win! Thank you for the contest!

Kelly said...

I would love to win! Thank you for the contest!

Anonymous said...

We LOVE books and I have a pregnant sister in-law who who love this!!!
P.S. She lost her last baby, and although this pregnancy has been a tough road... all looks well! Praise God!

Robin said...

I tried to email you, but the compose box that appears doesn't have your email address in it when I click "here" as instructed.


Maureen said...

The email address is rwitt1776@aol.com.

Therese said...

I am giving away two copies of this book too.