Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Joy of Christ

I have a special aunt who is also a convert to the Catholic faith. I once asked her why she converted. She told me simply, "Catholics were the happiest people I knew. I wanted to find out why."

How joyful are you? Do people look at you and wonder what it is that makes you so happy? Do they see the love of Christ in your face, your voice, your actions?

Might make a good New Year's resolution.


Anonymous said...

Maureen, you must have been one of those Catholics she was talking about!

Maureen said...

Nope, her conversion was before I was even born. More likely her joy influenced me. That is what brought me back to the Catholic Church all those years ago -- the example of many friends and family.

What was it St. Francis said? "Spread the Gospel always, and when necessary use words."

Nancy C. Brown said...

I've heard of the "Gospel of the Smile" and this proves it, if we only each smiled more each day, we would do a lot more preaching, the St. Francis way.

Good idea for a resoloution, Maureen.