Thursday, January 05, 2006

Acts of Kindness

Last night, laying in bed, I was reflecting on a car breakdown that I had several years ago in the middle of the night, 150 miles from home. I was thinking about all the angels that the Lord sent to help me. The AAA lady, the highway patrolmen, the hotel clerk and manager, the mechanic, the wife of the publisher of Our Sunday Visitor (it's a long story). I found myself praying for each and every one of them. Now and then, I remember their kindness and ask God to bless them.

Except for the wife of the publisher, I've never seen these people again. Their presence in my life was a mere blip. Yet, they had a profound affect on me.

I wonder if I've ever touched the life of a stranger so deeply that they occasionally remember me in prayer. Gosh, I hope so.

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