Friday, January 20, 2006

Put to the Test

Everything that I've been reading in Gregory Popcak's book about stress was put to the test the other night. When I dropped the big kids off at a friends house and Super Toddler realized that he wasn't joining them, he got very upset. He screamed for the entire 20-minute drive home, "Stop the car Mommy! Stop! Stop! I want to go to Jacob's!" He barely took a breath. I don't know how he didn't end up with laryngitus. I have to admit that when he yelled, "Put on the brakes, Mommy!" I totally cracked up. Like, yeah, I'm going to put on the brakes in the middle of city traffic.

Anyway, I kept Godly thoughts. And it wasn't easy. But I did it. And within minutes of arriving home, he was climbing in my lap cooing, "I love you Mommy, can we cuddle?" I think he was grateful that I didn't kill him.

I'm going to drop Greg an email and ask him to write a new book: God Help Me: This Toddler is Making Me Looney Tunes!

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Anonymous said...

Greg is actually Married To Lisa, a gal who went to the University of Steubenville and is friends with my sister, Brenda.