Saturday, July 22, 2006

Berry Picking and Canning

One of the many great things about 4-H is that it gets us out of the city and into the country. A few weeks ago, we went strawberry picking on the way home from archery practice. We picked 20 lbs. to make loads of strawberry jam and fruit roll-ups.

Today after muzzle loading competition we stopped for blueberry picking. I've put a few in the freezer for future munchies. They're like candy right out of the freezer. Over the next day or two the kids and I will make blueberry jam, sauce, coffee cake, and maybe some pancakes in the morning.

The thing about picking your own berries is that they are so way better than store-bought. Much sweeter and juicier. Not as big or full of color, but yummier.

On a similar note, I'll be blogging on canning for the next week over at The Thrifty Homeschooler.

PS I was going to post pictures from today's competition, but the batteries went dead in the camera. Boo-hoo.


Jennifer said...

Maureen, I am so happy to be receiving your Thrifty Homeschooler emails through Yahoo. They have given me so many new ideas (I have a very conventional way of thinking). I've been reading your Thrifty Homeschooler Blog and just love it. Imagine my surprise when I popped in a few days ago and read that you would be discussing and encouraging canning and other food preservation. My beans were ready and I was all set to can this week. Although I consider myself an experienced canner, I've learned something new with each post. Thanks a bunch! Next up are the wild blackberries.

Maureen said...

Wild blackberries . . yumcious!!!! We have a park across the street where we've been picking wild blackberries for years. Mulberries too. I guess we better get over there and get a pickin!