Monday, July 31, 2006

Day One At the Fair

I can't believe all the purple ribbons that came home with us. (Purple ribbons are Best of Show.)

Teen Son got Best of Show, third year in a row, for his creative writing. The best part about having your children enter their writing at the fair is that someone other than Mom is judging their work. The one and only thing that annoys me about Teen Son's writing is his over use of adjectives. Well, sure enough, the judge wrote in his extensive comments that the one thing that Teen Son needs to work on is his over use of adjectives. The cool part though is that the judge was really impressed with the 67-page, fictional story and said that he was sure Teen Son will someday be a published author. That's great news, considering that he's planning on majoring in journalism when he gets to college.

Other Best of Shows went to Teen Daughter for jams and also for dehydrating. Tween daughter got Best of Show for paper quilling. And there were blue ribbons all around. There were also a couple of red ribbons, and Teen Daughter got a white ribbon because, even though her scrapbooking project was beautiful, she didn't follow the 4-H guidelines. A good lesson for everyone.

Except for writing, you can talk with the judges as they critique your projects. I really like that. I think the kids got lots of great advice that they'll apply to next year's projects.

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the upper 90's, so I'd appreciate a prayer or two. I promised that we would spend the day doing loads of rides (1/2 price on Tues.) and then we have the shooting sports awards. Fun!


Anonymous said...

Despite the high heat temperatures, it sounds like a *cool* day for the Wittmann family. :)

Well done!

Nancy C. Brown said...

Congrats to C, M, and L!

Anonymous said...

But of course.