Saturday, June 21, 2008

Brief Update

I'm sitting on my back patio with Teen Son's laptop watching the turkey walk through the backyard. How cool is that!

I'm still working on the Internet and phone situation here. It's a long story, but it should be resolved in the next week. Rob has a wireless gadget through his cell phone, but it only works half the time at our home. Our cell service here is pretty hit and miss. (Hope I don't get kicked off before publishing this post!)

Lots has happened since I last blogged. We're still not completely unpacked and the kids are sleeping on mattresses in the study and living room. It's actually fun -- kinda like camping.

Prayerfully, I'll be back to blogging soon. You all are in my prayers!


Anonymous said...

People will probably think I am crazy, but why do we put our matress and box springs up? It seems dangerous to me. I like to have nothing underneath. Kids can't hurt themselves or hide anything underneath their beds. Much easier to clean when you don't have to get under them and I don't worry about baby falling off when they are low. That low, he doesn't een fuss if he falls off once in a while.

Maureen said...

Good point Chrysd. And it's so easy to clean up in the morning. We just stack the mattresses and fold the blankets on top. Takes up way less space than 7 separate beds :-)