Friday, June 06, 2008

Moving and Purging

The husband was overheard saying, as he walked past the stacks and stacks of books on the floor of the study, "She really needs to purge some of these books!" Then he went out to the moving truck to get his 10 years worth of Hockey News and his 30 plus neckties (you never know when they'll come back in style).

PS We don't have internet service yet, so blogging and email will be spotty for a while. Meanwhile, I'll be unpacking and painting and unpacking and organizing and unpacking and making minor repairs and . . .


Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Maureen, I know this isn't on topic for this post (or maybe it is in a very stretchy way), but I wanted you to know I picked up a copy of FLOL at the IHM conference this weekend. It was one of two copies left, and when I asked about it, there was a woman browsing through the book who offered to let me look through it first. "Nope!" I said. "I know I want it already. I've been waiting to pick up a copy forever!" I was so excited, I nearly dropped my overloaded purse on the ground while I tried to get my money out!

I read most of the prefaces and introductions, and I'm so excited and happy that it's hard to contain myself! This book is the key to my basing our curriculum more in literature and less in workbooks.

THANK YOU a million times for creating this book. It is saving me from countless hours of research. God bless you!

Maureen said...

Thank you so much Christine!!!

Hopefully, I'll be back at blogging again soon. Right now I'm just catching an Internet minute here and there at the library.

We're still working out the bugs on Internet in the country.