Wednesday, June 25, 2008

World History Encyclopedia?

I received the following email recently. With my limited time on the library computer (still no internet at home) I haven't been able to give the writer my proper attention. What advice do you have for her? Leave a comment please.

I just bought your new book at the North GA Catholic HS Conference. I am enjoying it so much -- thank you for publishing such a useful book!

Can you give me some advice? --

I am searching for a world history encyclopedia for my jr-high-aged son (7th grade). The Usborne and Kingfisher books don't have enough "meat" --they are practically outlines, with large graphics. I'd like something with a little more substance, more detailed information for reference. I really would like a book (as opposed to an online resource) although I would enjoy a book that came with a CD ROM! I would rather not purchase an entire encyclopedia set, btw.

I looked at a few books at Amazon and found several books: Encyclopedia of World History by Peter Sterns, one by Oxford, one called "A Concise Atlas of World History," a National Geographic Concise History and a "Facts on File World History."

Do you have any of these books, or one to recommend?

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Marcia said...

The Catholic Encyclopedia 1917 is very complete and available on-line at
I know that she said that she did not want a on-line set. I own a copy, but they are very hard to find and expensive. When I wrote the Catholic Timeline and Guide to World History, I found it very informative.

A secular encyclopedia is the Britannica. You can find older sets at the Friend's of the Library. I don't know if you have used book stores attached to your local library, but they are available here in Southern California and a wonderful resource of used classical materials. People donate their book collections to the library bookstore. I have seen encyclopedias for a dollar a book. A great price!