Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Easter Reading: Living the Mysteries

Now that Easter Season is just around the corner, it's time to pull one of my favorite books off the bookshelf, Living the Mysteries: A Guide for Unfinished Christians by Mike Aquilina and Scott Hahn. For surely, I am unfinished and I certainly need all the guidance I can get!

This book is like a devotional for the fifty days of Easter. A selection to read each day from Easter to Pentecost. It's deep stuff, but given to the reader in bite-size morsels to be savored.

Living the Mysteries is the perfect book to give a friend or family member who will be coming into the Catholic Church on Saturday. It should be easy enough to find at your local Catholic bookstore or online.

From the publisher:
The early Church had a process in which a teacher guided seekers through stages of inquiry and purification, culminating in a final phase called "mystagogy" — MIST-a-go-gee — "the revelation of the mysteries."

The instruction the early Christians needed is what we all need, no matter when we were baptized, no matter how much theology we’ve studied. That’s because God’s mysteries are inexhaustible and, until we get to heaven, we’re all unfinished Christians.

Spirit-Led Mystagogy from the Ancient Masters

Now eight of the early Church’s greatest teachers can be your guides as Living the Mysteries presents the wisdom and insights of:
St. Ambrose
St. Augustine
St. Basil
St. Clement of Alexandria
St. Cyril of Jerusalem
St. Gregory of Nyssa
St. John Chrysostom
St. Leo the Great

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Karen Edmisten said...

Oooh, excellent suggestion. I do happen to know two people coming into the Church this Easter Vigil!