Monday, January 02, 2006

Child Theology

One day, many years ago, the older children and I were talking about how everyone has a different path to heaven. We were interrupted by my then-almost-four-year old, who proclaimed with great excitement, "I know how I'm gettin' to heaven!"
"How's that, Buster?" I asked.
"I'm gonna be an angel. Then I'll have wings and can fly up to Heaven!"
He then demonstrated as he flapped his wings and flew around the classroom. I love homeschooling!


Nancy C. Brown said...

That's beautiful. It is really great that we are priviledged to get to spend so much time with our children, and get to hear all of there marvelous ways of thinking and developing, it really is amazing to watch the growth of a child.

I love that picture you posted of the garden steps going up to heaven, I hope that's what it's like!

Leonie said...

Very sweet. :-)