Sunday, July 20, 2008

Conservative Diet

Recently a friend's husband branded Rob and me liberals. Why? Because Rob is a vegetarian, I like to drink free trade tea, we recycle, we compost, I wear Birkenstocks. But I maintained that we are true conservatives. We conserve. Though at a personal level and not through government coercion.

Interestingly, The American Conservative, Pat Buchanan's magazine, supports my assertion: Food for Thought.

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Dianna said...

Have you heard the term "crunchy con"? It's a designator of people like you (and me for that matter) that do things that people usually attribute liberals doing, but are conservatives. There's a book and whole web world about this.

Anonymous said...

I knew it!! I knew it!! I knew I was not the only liberal in the family. I should have noticed the Birkenstocks.!! (Ha Ha) Signed Maureen's California Sister

Maureen said...

Are you kidding Chrissy. Charlie is way more liberal than you. And if you want to go to extended family, there's JoAnn and Stephanie. You're not alone honey.

And I still maintain that I'm a true conservative. Yes, conservatives can wear Birkenstocks. Especially if you're middle aged and have falling arches :-).

Dianna -- thank you. I have seen the Crunchy Con book but never read it. I'll have to check it out from the library one of these days. Rod Dreher, the author, is also the author of one of the articles I linked to.

Anonymous said...

I am a "Crunchy Con"! I have been most of my adult life. I was so greatful to come across the Crunchy Con book and to know that there where other people like me. I am the Birkenstocking wearing, gun-loving, organic gardening, free-range farming, nature loving, ultra conservative in religion, hip homeschooling mama the book refers to. The book is a must read!