Thursday, July 03, 2008

Getting on the Internet Highway Via Satellite

My friend Lorrie says, "It wouldn't be so bad that you moved so far away if you'd just blog regularly. How am I supposed to peer into your life if you're only blogging every so often. When are you getting internet?"

Well Lorrie and any other regular readers, the internet guy is coming out on Monday to put up the satellite. I should hopefully be up and running by late afternoon. And if everything goes as claimed, it'll be at lightening speed.

I hope I find the cord to my digital camera by then as I've got all kinds of pictures I'd like to share with you all. It's in a box around here somewhere.

Update: Still no internet. There is a glitch. We may have to go with DSL. And still no power cord for the camera. I'd like to record the transformation the house is going through, but the cord is hiding somewhere in a box. St. Anthony help!

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Anonymous said...

Maureen, Congrats on the new house! Hope everyone is healthy. We are thinking about you. Sherry & Mike