Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If I Become a Famous Author

I love this video from Kaleb Nation, homeschooled kid made good.

Other YouTube videos from Kaleb.

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Anonymous said...

This kid is so funny. I wish him well. At least he doesn't take himself too seriously. I remember being so miserable when I was young and did. When you realize it doesn't matter and God has the ball, you can be free to not worry about every little detail.

One of the best things about homeschooling is the ability to have children who devour words, cuz no one has told them it is so much easier to just watch a video in place of a book.

We are big readers and writers in the Walker family. I had wanted to
be a writer since 2nd grade. My
husband likes to write, his sister had some stuff published in
magazines or something, and his
brother has gotten novels
self-published. Their parents read a lot and I can't imagine growing up in that environment that our own children won't all be big readers as well.

I am disappointed be that we don't have a group of Christian writers like the Tolkien, Lewis, and
Chesterton. Maybe there will be a revival of literature like that lead by homeschoolers, instead of Oxford professors.