Friday, July 11, 2008

Homeschooling and Spiritual Warfare

Last week I had an interview with Catholic Spotlight. I was asked what is the greatest challenge facing Catholic homeschoolers. As soon as I hung up, I thought, "Spiritual warfare! I should have said spiritual warfare!"

It does seem lately that an awful lot of Catholic homeschooling families are under attack. Serious attack. Medical issues, addiction, financial problems, death.

We're doing God's work and that makes the evil one less than happy.

Let's all devote time each day to pray especially hard for our fellow homeschoolers.


Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Don't I know it! My friend's husband of 17 years (father of their SEVEN children) decided last year to run off with some other homeschooling mother (of five). Both homes are broken now, father is teaching his sons (16 on down to 11) horrible habits, finally announced he's "dating" his mistress (after denying that they were more than friends) he wants his kids in public school now after advocating homeschooling for them all when the oldest was in early elementary. So he's trying to get custody, force his wife back to work, and stick the kids in school (while his mistress continues to homeschool hers - she has custody).

The awfulness of this situation is, to say the very least, breathtaking. We aren't talking about a couple who had a rough marriage. They are one of the last families I'd expect anything like this from, and the only answer we can come up with is that the Devil is seriously ticked off at Catholic homeschoolers.

Prayer is needed! And we must remember that even those like my friend's husband (and his mistress) need prayers, too. (She said to me one day, "I find it harder to pray for her than I do for my husband." How's THAT for a stunning thought!?)

Anyway, you're right - this spiritual warfare is far more dangerous than anything this world can throw at us.

Amy said...

I believe that is very true statement. I feel the battle here many a day. My battles with the devil include thinking that I am doing a good enough job, keeping my temper in check, or even keeping burnout at bay!