Thursday, December 04, 2008

Need Fiction Ideas for Boys

I'm going to be out all day so I'm leaving you all with an assignment. I have another mom looking for book suggestions. Here's her email:
I'm just thoroughly enjoying your blog with all the suggestions of fiction for the 6- and 12-year old girls. But (of my 28 homeschooling students), I need suggestions for my 23 BOYS. Though my students are in grades 4-8, if the questions on your blog were the same as they now are but for "sons," I'd really be in hog heaven! Any ideas of where I could find suggestions of great BOY fiction?
Wow, 28 homeschooling students! We definitely need to hand this mom some ideas. What are your grade and middle school boys' favorite books?

PS My boys are currently in a Warriors faze. I read the first book and have the review written in my head. Hopefully, I'll get it written on the blog in the next few days.

ADDENDUM: You'll find the Warriors review here.


Anonymous said...

I think sci-fi would seem to fit the bill the best for kids ages 9-14. Well written sci-fi explores human identity and morality in different situations, and can be quite entertaining. I would again recommend the Ray Bradbury short story anthologies (probably more for ages 12-14). If they like it, they could move on to Lewis' Space Trilogy or Bradbury novels. I don't know if Isaac Asimov is too advanced or not.

The great thing about many of these works is that they can be read for fun at a younger age and returned to at an older age when comprehension and understanding of humanity is better.

Good luck!

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Have you gotten into Redwall yet? My ten year old daughter (tomboy that she is) adores the series and has read all twenty-something books after my husband read the first one to the family during story times. They are action-packed, full of funny characters, and wholesome. Good versus evil stuff, and you know clearly who is who. Plenty of honor and chivalry, too.

Also, they are incredibly descriptive, which is probably due to the fact that Jacques originally made the stories up to read to blind children. Our entire family loves these books!

Anonymous said...

My boys all love the Cornelia Funke books. Inkspell, Thief Lord, etc.

Unknown said...

I am a big sci-fi fan but my son prefers to read historical fiction and has several favorites. These include Calico Captive, The Landing of the Pilgrims, The Golden Goblet, and Guns for General Washington.

Anonymous said...

I second Redwall. My 9,8 (boys) and 6 year old girl love it. At first I wasn't so sure about it since the bad guys are really evil, but then again evil is evil. Thank goodness the author didn't try to make evil look okay.

Also, the vision books (saints) are a hit with the same kids and they also enjoy many books from Bethlehem books (including the Brave Buffalo Fighter-- mom's be warned the ending is a tear jerker. And the Reb and the Redcoats.

How about Jules Verne?


Anonymous said...

My 4th & 7th graders suggest the Guardians of Ga'hoole series by Kathryn Lasky. CS Lewis's Narnia; Tolkein's Lord of the Rings trilogy; Great Illustrated Classics for the younger boys.

And no boy book list of any kind is complete (in my mind : ) without mention of the Dangerous Book for Boys. Although it's not fiction itself, there is so much inspiration in the pages that I have to mention it. Love that book.


Maureen said...

Michael, if you're there, what are your favorite Isaac Asimov novels?

Maureen said...

There are a few more readers suggestions at

Anonymous said...


I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I have not read much Asimov, though I have recommended him. However, my two older brothers loved him, and my wife greatly enjoyed the Robot stories ("I, Robot," "Caves of Steel," and "The Robots of Dawn.") I will ask my brothers what they enjoyed and post their answer!

Maureen said...

Thanks Michael. I put The Robot on my "to read" list. You and Mike (Michael) are confusing me. You're supposed to be Mike and he's supposed to be Michael. But he's Mike on FB. Perhaps we should just call you Jr. and III. Oh that won't work either because you call him Junior. Ugh, this is almost as confusing as Rob and his dad. My parents, unsure of what to call Rob have taken to referring to him as Rob-Bob.

And to everyone else -- Thank you so much for your suggestions too!!! I welcome more if you have them.

Kimberlee said...

For boys I highly recommend the Tom Playfair series. My guys loved them and have read them many times. I wrote a review here:
Also, the Swallows and Amazons series is well loved around here.