Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Prayers for Jon Baker

This has been a difficult week for my family. Last Thursday we learned a very dear friend and neighbor passed away. It seems almost odd to refer to him as our friend and neighbor as he was really family. Jon never married nor did he have children. He adopted our family as his own and we adopted him right back. In fact, he was godfather to our youngest son.

Jon's death was completely unexpected. Living alone, it was a couple of days before his body was found. Needless to say our hearts have been poured out this week over the loss of Jon. The children took it very hard. They loved him as one loves a favorite uncle.

Today Jon will be laid to rest at at noon. While we mourn for Jon, we also rejoice. Eight years ago Jon found his way home to the Catholic Church. And he didn't become one of those Sunday Catholics but one on fire with the love of Jesus each and every day.

Please pray for Jon's soul in a special way today. And please also pray for the children, that they will find peace today as they attend Jon's funeral.


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry!......But I'm so glad that he had your family. You brought so much joy to his life! Your family was a witness to him.........he was your hand's on "Jesus" and in return he gave so much to your family....the witness of our lives are more powerful than we usually know!

Maureen said...

Thank you Lisa. Our hands-on Jesus -- I never thought of it that way. Beautiful. He did give so much to us. As the priest pointed out yesterday, Jon was a giver.

Lisa said...

That is what I called my dad.....he was very challenging because of his mental illness.......but the last 3 years of his life he was more of a father than he had ever been.......he was my friend! He was still challenging...but he was my hands on Jesus!....I so missed him when he died because I knew I was caring for him as my mom would want........when my dad died I felt like I had lost my mom all over again because he was my connection to my mom...........oh heaven how I long for it:)