Thursday, December 11, 2008

Virtual Homeschool Conferences

Just a reminder that the organization online seminar is Wednesday, December 17th at 8:30 PM EASTERN. I so look forward to seeing you all there! Walter and I did a test run last night and it worked out great. I'll be broadcasting from my dining room. Hopefully, no screaming children will run through the room in the middle of the conference!

If you signed up and can't make it for some reason, make sure to drop your reservation so that the next person on the waiting list can make it.

Next month will feature Danielle Bean. Yep, Danielle Bean! Should be way cool. The topic will be Caring Connections: Maximizing the Benefits of Homeschool Family Relationships. Danielle's conference will take place January7, 2009 and there is a $10 fee.

Thank you to Walter Crawford for making this all happen. The plan is to make these virtual homeschool conferences available year round.

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