Thursday, February 26, 2009

Favorite Art and Music Living Books

I'm putting the finishing touches on my Power Point presentation for the webinar on Wednesday, Teaching Art and Music Appreciation with Real Books.

Even though I have loads of book titles to share, it is oh so very possible that I've missed a jewel or two. (I'm pulling the titles from For the Love of Literature.)

If you have a very favorite, please share here in the comments. That way everyone can benefit.

Art doesn't have to be restricted to classic paintings. There is also architecture, photography, and sculpture. And music doesn't have to be restricted to classical. There is also opera, Gregorian chant, modern, and jazz. There are also lovely living books on dance to consider.

There are picture books, nonfiction, biographies, and historical fiction that fit into the art and music mode.

So many beautiful books. So little time.

What are your favs?

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