Monday, February 23, 2009

PSN5: Fireproof

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Title: Fireproof
Starring: Kirk Cameron
Director: Alex Kendrick
Studio: Sony Pictures
Date Released: January 27, 2009
Run Time: 118 minutes
Price: DVD, $28.96 (Amazon price $17.49)

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National Catholic Register
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Lisa said...

It is so worht watchiing and owning!

Anonymous said...

Tom and I have been promoting this movie big. From what I have seen this is a great price. I am leading the Bible study to be followed by a movie night at our Chapel. I recommend everyone watch the movie, then the commentary version, especially if they are really searching for answers in their marriage, or if they are in a role to assist other marriages. Marriage is under attack lately. Tom and I are seeing it in almost everyone we know. Blessings Chrissy

Anonymous said...

We saw this movie in the theater but I went to put in a request for
it. I discovered it is not necessary.

My library system already owns 36 copies and ordered another 26!
There are 360 people waiting on the reserve list to see it. WOW.