Saturday, March 21, 2009

Registration Opened for Middle School Students and Extended for High School

There are still a few seats available for the American Government class through Homeschool Connections. Ed Rivet, the instructor, has asked us to open up registrations for middle school students who may be interested. They'll cover the same coursework as the high school students, however their grade level will be taken into account for homework and tests.

So, registration has now been extended to Tuesday, March 24th, at NOON Eastern time. You may register your high school or middle school student during this time.

If you'll have more than one student taking the class in your home please let me know and I'll forward a coupon code to you for a 25% discount for each additional student.

Here is a brief outline of material to be covered:
Democracy, Government & Citizenship

A. Class I (March 27th)

1. Democracy and the "isms"
a. Feudalism, Monarchy (Magna Carta)
b. Totalitarianism/Authoritarianism/Dictatorship
c. Socialism, Communism, Fascism
d. Democracy - liberty v. license

2. Declaration of Independence (Supplemental Text: "Lives of the Signers")
3. Articles of Confederation - The Evolution of Federalism & a Democratic Republic
4. The Constitution
a. Representative (triune) government - Checks & Balances (C&B)
b. Limited Government - Federalist Papers (Madison & Co.)
c. Articles I through ?? (as time allows)

B. Class II (April 3)

1. The Constitution (continued)
a. Article ?? to end
b. Bill of Rights (Amendments 1 -10)
c. Amendments 11 - ?

C. Class III (April 17)

1. The Constitution (concluded)
a. Amendments ? to end

2. The Executive Branch & Powers
a. Quick Review of Article II
b. Roles, Responsibilities & Authorities of the President (C&B)
Commander in Chief, Foreign Relations, Domestic Budgets, Court Appointments
c. The Cabinet and Bureaucratic Structure
Political power & civil service
d. Rules and Regulations

D. Class IV (April 24) - Legislative Process

1. Review of Article I
2. Roles, Responsibilities, & Authorities of Congress - (C&B)
3. Committees & Chairs, Rules & Power - legislative power

E. Class V (May 1) - Courts & Law

F. Class VI (May 8) - State & Local Government

G. Class VII (May 15) - Elections, Parties, Politics


Renee said...

I already have the remainder of our school year planned... but I am hoping that classes for next year will be announced in advance so I can have my children take one of these great classes

Maureen said...

Pray for us Renee. We're working on a schedule for fall classes. The plan is to have it available by the end of May so you can plan your 2009 / 2010 school year around it.

Lisa Sweet said...

Oh goody! I was going to ask about next year's classes, too. This American Government class looks good, but we can't do it now. I'd love to fit it into next fall's schedule!

Anonymous said...

Ditto the previous comments. We have just added an interesting civics book to our Literature group (The 5000 Year Leap), so a course like this would be a great follow-up. I will look forward to seeing the fall class offerings.

Blessings and thanks for all of your hard work!


Connie's Daughter said...

Was this class canceled? I missed the registration deadline, but was thinking of seeing if I could sign up my son anyway.

Maureen said...

No it wasn't canceled but registration closed last Wed. The first class took place last Friday and went great! It's probably too late to jump on board now -- the first homework assignment is due in two days. If you really want to try to wing it, let me know -- mwittlans at aol dot com -- and I'll ask the instructor if he's okay with taking a late student. The classes are recorded so your son would be able to watch Friday's class.