Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break

Christian is coming home today for spring break and I'm so excited. It's funny how much you miss them when they go away to college. Even if they are just one of seven.

This is an interesting season in a mother's life. I have a child with one foot at home and the other out the door. Every time he comes home from Steuby he's more grown up and yet he is still my little guy. Yes, he's over 6 feet tall but I still think of him as the one who snuggled in my lap, whose tears I dried, whose boyhood joys I've shared, whose dreams I've tried to make come true. When I see him tonight I will see a man child. An adult who is making his own decisions, fulfilling his own dreams, yet is still dependent upon his parents. Yes, it is an interesting season in my life but then again it is an interesting season his life too.

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