Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Menu

Now to get the grocery list together for the Christmas day meal. Not only do I have to keep it gluten free but I also need to be mindful that my husband is a vegetarian. Oh, we'll have a turkey, one won by Sparky at the 4-H turkey shoot, but I'll make sure to have enough vegetarian fair for Rob. Fortunately, he eats fish and eggs (from our own free-range chickens). I would probably opt for salmon or smoked whitefish as our main dish if it were not for the prize turkey.

Here's the menu:

Shrimp Cocktail
Christmas Tree Cheese Log and crackers

Lynette's Salad
Raspberry Vinaigrette

Side Dishes
Winter Root Pudding
Wild Rice Pilaf with Water Chestnuts

Main Course
Roast Turkey

White Chocolate Cheesecake

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