Thursday, February 09, 2006

Be the First on Your Block To Own the Companion

I received a lovely email this morning from Amy, a mom who ordered The Catholic Homeschool Companion earlier this week:

I got it yesterday and LOVE it! I'm about 4 essays in but what a blessing! We have six children so far and were wondering if we had made the right decision to homeschool (we're in year 5 of homeschooling). This book is really speaking to me! God Bless you!!

Thank you Amy!


Alice Gunther said...

Dear Maureen,

Is there a link to an order form so that I can mail a check rather than go through paypal?


Maureen said...

I've gotten a few checks through paypal. I'm not sure how it's done though. The other option is to just email the check to my house and I'll mail the book as soon as it gets here. I'll email you.