Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Children's Author Recommends CHC

"The word 'companion' in a book title implies a book you'll turn to for support and inspiration time and time again. The Catholic Homeschool Companion is well named indeed. There is nourishment here for structured homeschoolers and unschoolers alike. Like a good friend, this treasure of a book offers a combination of sound practical wisdom and heart warming encouragement." -- Melissa Wiley, author, The Martha Years and The Charlotte Years series

If you're not familiar with the Martha Years series or the Charlotte Years series, you should really check them out.

The Martha Years Series is a prequel to the Little House On the Prairie series about the childhood adventures of Martha Morse, the great-grandmother of Laura Ingalls Wilder. It takes place in the Scotland Highlands, 1788.

The Charlotte Years Series is also a prequel to the Little House On the Prairie series. It is historical fiction about the childhood adventures of Charlotte Tucker, grandmother of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Takes place in 1814 Boston.

To learn more, visit Melissa's blog at http://melissawiley.typepad.com/. There you will find links to the individual books in the series as well as a link to her website.

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