Saturday, February 04, 2006

The School Week

Child number three had a lovely week at real school. It was a nice place to visit, but she doesn't want to live there.

Her observations:
The ravioli at lunch is real good.
She can do the same work at home in 2 to 3 hours.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an okay movie.
Since it was such a small school (7 kids in her grade), it wasn't that different.
It was easy to make friends, especially since everyone had seen her before at Sunday Mass.
It's nice to see your friends everyday instead of now and then, like with our homeschooling friends.
Getting up early isn't fun.
The spelling was too easy.
The teacher was real nice.
Every single kid in third grade and up plays on the basketball team. (And it's a championship team!)
They have ugly uniforms.

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Nancy C. Brown said...

How telling.
It always bothers me when you pay good tuition money for kids to watch movies you probably wouldn't let them watch at home. At a Catholic school.

And the sports thing. What is with the organized sports thing? WIll no child survive childhood without organized sports in this generation? Is organized sports the key to life of something?

Am I in a cynical mood, or what?!