Friday, February 24, 2006

How We Came to Read HP, Part 1

Shortly after the very first Harry Potter book came out, a girlfriend told me all about how I absolutely had to get this book for my kids. Her daughter read it over and over and just loved it. However, as my friend explained the plot line, a red flag went up and I decided that no, this was not a book for my family.

Then the second book came out and, again, my friend went on and on about this new series and couldn't believe that I hadn't given them to my children. A lot of Catholic authors that I respected were already issuing warnings about HP. I figured that we already had too many books on our to-read list anyway. Besides, we homeschool -- my kids would never hear about these books anyway. Right?

Then shortly before the third book was published something happened. Rob was taking the kids to the library every Saturday so that I could have some time alone. He came home one Saturday after a long absence, burst into the house and excitedly told me all about this wonderful book that librarian had given our oldest son. It seems this was THE most popular kid book and it always has major holds on it, but today there was one waiting to be shelved. She gave it to #1 Son and he couldn't put it down. He was already half done. I asked the name of the book and Rob replied, "I never heard of it. Harry Potter?"

How did I handle this? Tune in tomorrow for part 2.

Meanwhile, let this be a lesson in the importance of communication among spouses.

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