Friday, March 24, 2006

Degradation of Television

Teen son is working on an essay for his Regina Coeli class and is having trouble with his research. I'm hoping that one of you can help. He is writing about the decline of television since it's inception. In searching the Internet, he's found commentaries on the phenom, but he's looking for research. Something that he can cite as a resource that lays out the shift from wholesome family fare to low-life scum fare. (Am I showing my prejudice against TV?) Perhaps a study or two not only on the shift but its affect on our culture.


Magda said...

Hi Maureen, I'm new to your website but I think I may be able to help a litte. An old classic about TV's affect on culture is "Amusing ourselves to Death" by Neil Postman.

I can give more suggestions for your son if you want to email me. I am getting a degree in American history and the relationship between TV and American culture is one of my interests. I'm just fascinated by it so I am really happy to help out in any way.

Maureen Wittmann said...

Thank you so much for the offer! Teen son put a hold on the book. His essay came out great and he got an A.