Thursday, March 09, 2006

Prayers, Friends, and Stem Cells

I'd like to ask you all to pray for two friends of mine, Ed and Ann, who will be testifying on March 21st before the Michigan House Health Policy Committee. The testimony is on H.B. 4900, a bill to repeal Michigan's prolife ban on human cloning and fetal stem cell research. This bill is being pushed hard by our governor.

Ed will be testifying as the representative of Right to Life of Michigan and Ann as an MS patient who rejects the idea of destroying human life to cure her disease. Both Ed and Ann are wonderfully articulate and know their stuff, but they still need our prayers. Prayers that they will not be intimidated and prayers that the representatives will be moved enough by Ed and Ann's testimony to have a change of heart

If you live in Michigan, sign an online petition here. Please take the time to forward this petition to Michigan friends and family. Cures can be found without treating human life as if it were a mere commodity to be created and destroyed at any researcher's whim. To support the life-affirming work of Right to Life of Michigan, click here.