Friday, March 31, 2006

Review of the Companion

Karen Edmisten wrote such a lovely review of The Catholic Homeschool Companion Wednesday that I am still blushing. It's a very detailed review if you're wondering whether or not the Companion is worth a purchase. I'd like to share the part of Karen's review about the Dad chapter:

The entire chapter on dads, for dads and by dads (with essays by Steve Wood, Frederick Cabell, Jr., Ed Rivet and Dan McGuire) is terrific. I almost called this chapter "dessert" but on reflection, it's more like having strawberries after a meal: absolutely delicious, and most certainly a treat, but as healthy and nutritionally necessary as the rest of the meal ... because a healthy homeschool is one that not only acknowledges dad, but also relies on him, recognizing his place as the spiritual head of the family and thus of the homeschool. I'm reminded of the old saying, "The father is the head of the household, and the mother is the heart." Or, of another observation made by a priest friend: "The father is the head, and the mother is the neck that turns the head." The team effort that's necessary shouldn't be a sweet extra.

Thank you Karen!


Karen Edmisten said...

You're most welcome, Maureen -- the praise is richly deserved!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the review came in with strawberries instead of
raspberries. Two thumbs up for the Companion. ;-)