Tuesday, March 14, 2006

St. Patricks Day Menu

If you haven't yet planned your meal for St. Patrick's Day on Friday, I have a few suggestions.

First you just got to have corned beef. When you pick it up at the store, the cooking directions should be right on the package. If not, ask the butcher. Just make sure to plan ahead and read the directions that morning or before as it has to boil for several hours.

For your side dish: colcannon. Yum, one of my favorite dishes! Just click to this previous post for the recipe.

For your bread, there is no other choice than soda bread. Very easy to make as there is no yeast involved. It's the baking soda (hence the name) that gives it its rise. Or add a few extra ingredients for sweet soda bread.

For a shepherd pie recipe and craft ideas, check out Menus4Mom.

And for lots more authentic Irish dishes, and online instructional videos, see Food Network.

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