Saturday, August 05, 2006

Farewell to Lambs

Teen Son and I were out at the fairground this morning feeding the sheep, Mario and Luigi, one last time before they're picked up by their new owners. As I patted their heads and told them goodbye, a sad feeling came over me. Perhaps you shouldn't name animals intended for the dinner table.


Anonymous said...

When we raised chickens for 4-H, the kids had an egg business and we had PLENTY of fresh eggs in our refrigerator. For Mother's Day I asked for a piglet to name "Bacon". My husband refused my offer believing Bacon would never actually end up on our breakfast table. So what you're saying, Maureen, is that maybe my husband was probably right?

Maureen said...

LOL! He may have been right ;-).

We just split a steer with some friends. When one of the kids realized that it was the same steer that resided in our homeschooling friend's backyard, combined with the knowledge that I planned to use the oxtail to make soup, she declared that she was now a vegetarian until the beef is cleared out of the freezer.

We have other homeschooling friends with chickens. I looove getting fresh eggs. They are soooo way better than store bought.

Perhaps some day we'll get out of the city and into the country where we can have our own critters. (Well, aside from rabbits, cats, hamsters, etc.)