Thursday, August 17, 2006

Teen Party

Imagine 25 teenagers converging in your backyard ready for food, drink, and a good time. That was my house last night. The kids from our Teen Wednesday club were invited for a We're Not Going Back to School party, and it was a blast.

Our friend Chuck grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and tended the bonfire. The kids brought pop, snacks, and dessert, as well as music. They played Red Rover and held a Twister tournament. (They somehow convinced me to join the Red Rover game - I know some of you would pay good money to see that.) Marshmallows were roasted and the conversation flowed. There were also a few teenager antics - stealing hats, girls chasing boys with the whip cream intended for the pie. All in all the kids were great.

It's refreshing to sit back and watch teens have good, clean fun.


Anonymous said...


That's horrible. I hope the police were called.


Maureen said...

Wished you lived here Michael. You would've had fun. Plus, we'd love to have you.

Nancy C. Brown said...

Sounds like fun!